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Jim Steranko and Frank Giacoia, 1968
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*Yeah, that’s how it works all right 
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Steve Canyon illustration by Milton Caniff, 1961.
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Well, I’ve been just a bit delinquent with posting here again…but this time it’s for a better reason: I’ve been super busy with actual work (in the art field, that is to say) - the specifics of which I’ll announce soon - and though none of it is connected to Pizza Brain, I still find myself sharing a piece with that as the subject yet again ;)
ANYway, more legit work/announcements to come soon, but for today:
Finally got around to buying a new sketchbook (& batch o’ new markers) yesterday so that I’m encouraged to play with color more when away from my computer. My first piece (inspired by the art/style of the talented Ms. Erin Hunting, whose art I discovered and have been checking out for the last month or so) is my birthday ‘card’ for my pals at Pizza_Brain :⁠)So much of my last couple years’ work has been inspired by/for the shop (which I’ll *finally* continue sharing the remainder of again very soon) - I’m forever grateful and proud to have been a part of the epic adventure that it is :⁠) Happy birthday, guys; here’s to many more years of pizza greatness!
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by Chris Samnee

My idea of a perfect team book :)
With colors by Evan “Doc” Shaner!!

Love that Nick Fury!
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